Surge Services

SURGE Agility Reference Model

Achieving Lean-Agile operating maturity (mastery of practices and behaviors) requires continuous and complex change, including leadership/ management behaviors and cultural change that supports new teaming methods and skills. This kind of deep change requires developing holistic organizational agility. All teams need a deep understanding of the desired outcome that goes far beyond adoption of Scrum, tools, and ceremonies in order to achieve Enterprise Agile. GearStream views this growing into an Agile Enterprise is as a five-stage process.

SURGE Team Learning Workshops

The Surge Team Learning™ Workshops extend the principles and values of Agile to your entire company to help reshape both the structure and style of collaborative work performed by Leadership, Portfolio, Program, and Surface Teams. This ensures that agility is not limited to those teams practicing Agile software methods, but is instead embodied in how all collaboration, planning, and execution occur across the organization.

SURGE Agile Team Scaling (PCAP)

Surge Player Coach Agility Program™ (P-CAP) offers a transformative cost-effective strategy for embedding Agile practices across the organization. With P-CAP, managers become the driving agents of change. SURGE P-CAP offers a subscription service that effectively transfers responsibility from our Expert Coaches to your own internal teachers—at a fraction of the cost of managed solutions. Working closely with your managers, we help deliver the uniformity and reliability necessary to transform your organization into a Lean-Agile practice.

SURGE Adaptive Leadership Workshops

The journey to corporate agility requires management to take the time to understand their organizational culture, the teams and networks that create the value chain, how to collectively define new behaviors and norms, and learn a few simple concepts to navigate the changes ahead. SURGE Adaptive Leadership™ Workshops guaranties their ability to be advocates and leaders of change, ensures they support agile teams, and collectively build the roadmap to the Agile Enterprise.


Agile GPS

With Gear Stream’s mobile and web Agile GPS™ platform you’ll be equipped to observe and track all the necessary disciplines that represent Agile mastery. With a proven model for fostering team agility, it’s now possible to normalize all your teams capabilities, set the course for transformation, and normalize around a common set of Agile execution capabilities. Move away from opinion and politics, and equip your organization with a data-driven, fact-based management system for scaling Agile teams across your Enterprise.

SURGE Leadership (Peer to Peer Coaching)

Surge Peer2Peer Coaching™ program transforms the practice of peer coaching by offering companies and managers a coaching model grounded in the values of personal growth and leadership mastery, organizational development and learning, and intentional network building. P2P targets leaders and managers, providing them with coaching sessions and development exercises that foster growth and deliver tools to help them become successful leaders of Agile teams.

SURGE Teaming & Workflow

Surge™ is an agile product innovation and delivery framework that integrates a lean, flow-based portfolio to market release operating model. Designed to deliver unlimited scalability across Portfolio, Program, and Agile Delivery teams, Surge opens the door for scaled agile collaboration, helping you discover opportunities, fix problems, achieve innovative product design, and deliver successful new products and services in record time.