The Big Pivot

The Big Pivot

Gear Stream’s Radical Approach to Hacking Agility & Innovation


Imagine if the best ideas in your company could spread and evolve as fast as memes on Facebook and Twitter. That’s what happens when your company is agile. The best ideas bubble to the surface, and your company churns out in-demand products, quickly incorporates customer feedback, and increases profits with product motivation. The question isn’t whether your company needs to be agile but how it gets there, and Gear Stream’s clients get there using our Surge™ product innovation and agile operating model.

But here’s the secret to creating this startup-like innovation:

big-pivot-silhouetteEverything you need already exists in your company.

Instead of grafting generic or rigid agile practices onto your existing corporate structure, Gear Stream’s Helix™ method uses Organizational Network Analysis to identify and optimize the social networks hidden in your company. Through the power of latent connections, ideas can quickly spread, cross-pollinate, and benefit from the collective intelligence of your employees. Your company’s network becomes an engine for innovation.

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