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Tools that Inform, Accelerate, and Reinforce New Teaming Models For Accelerated Product Innovation, Delivery Speed, & Responsiveness to Marketplace Change.

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A Tool for Aligning, Normalizing and Managing Agile Mastery at Scale

Think of Agile GPS as turn-by-turn directions for Agile implementation. Instead of implementation strategies entirely dependent on individual coaches, Agile GPS has used data from more than 300 successful implementations to identify seven key disciplines that represent Agile capability and mastery. Those disciplines

are mapped and measured in a mobile, cloud-based app that allows for data-driven, evidence-based coaching. The results are laser-focused coaching, synchronized Agile implementations across teams, and a demonstrable ROI on your company’s Agile investment.

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Tools for Innovation Forensics:Organizational Network Analysis + Culture Polarity Scans

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is the same technique used to understand connection patterns and information flows on networks like Facebook and Twitter. When employed in your organization, it gives you unparalleled insight into informal networks, influential leaders, and knowledge gaps that you can leverage to uncover the best ideas and speed product innovation.

Innovation Pattern Library: Common Patterns and Building Blocks for Supporting Innovation Teaming Models

Using the insights gleaned from innovation forensics, Surge practitioners select the most relevant patterns from a template library based on the experience of hundreds of Surge practitioners across many different industries and companies. Practitioners use small experiments to calibrate each pattern to your organization’s unique structure. The refined patterns are scaled across the enterprise, naturally adapting with the changing organization.