Innovation & Agile Scaling Frameworks

SURGE™ – Powering Agile Product Innovation & Business Agility

The Innovation Framework that Brings Startup Agility to Enterprise Scale

The power of innovative startups is their ability to plan, build, and deliver products fast. Companies today are implementing Agile methods in an attempt to capture some of the magic start-ups enjoy. But there’s one problem: Agile methods were designed to enable the work of small teams, not the complexity and size of the larger enterprise.

In an effort to close the Agility gap for the enterprise, well-intended Agile experts have fashioned complex Agile frameworks in hopes of bringing Agile methods to larger firms. But, these frameworks fail to enable the very things companies most need today: accelerated innovation and organizational agility.


SURGE™ is Gear Stream’s Agility Model, an operational business and IT product development framework created with exactly those needs in mind. It is intentionally designed to improve product innovation quality, delivery speed, and organizational agility. What’s more, SURGE™ is inclusive instead of isolating. Teams do not have to be equally agile or even use the same variety of Agile. SURGE™ coordinates and integrates the work of teams using a variety of methods including Scrum, Kanban, Hybrid, and Waterfall.

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