Gear Stream helps enterprise and fast-growing entrepreneurial organizations improve the delivery of new software products and digital services that create strategic advantage by helping companies holistically integrate business strategy with their own unique and tailored Lean-Agile collaboration and product execution model.

By amplifying the unique strengths of an organization, Gear Stream clients are better equipped to deliver new products, services, and digital experiences that accelerate innovation, organizational growth, and performance improvement. The result is products, services, and software that customers love, and continuous, self-sustaining improvements that drive lasting impact on innovation, profits, and organizational agility.

Leadership Team

Founder & CEO
Practice Lead & Executive Coach
Practice Lead & Lean-Agile Coach
Practice Lead & Lean-Agile Coach
Director – Research & Service Operations


Are you ready for a home where Agile and Lean are more than buzz words and marketing slogans? Are you tired of Agile hand waving and ready for serious heavy lifting? Are you prepared to help build a consulting and development community that can pragmatically and effectively transform traditional clients into inspired, innovation centers of excellence? If so, we want and need you on our team! Check out the listings on our Careers Page.