Why Names Matter – When UX and Agile Meet

Virtually all Agile developments project will eventually meet the user experience design process. It’s inevitable. Unless you’re working on something that will run unseen by anyone — some middleware, perhaps, or an application that integrates data flow between two existing systems — someone has to interact with the software being designed and built. Even the Continue

LeanUX, An Emerging Agile Design Innovation

Over the last year Gear Stream’s larger clients have increasingly sought to learn and apply methods to business and software innovation that are more commonly found in scrappy, modern, software start-ups.  The latest trend emerging from the software start-up community is LeanUX.  In this and future articles I’ll be exploring the key concepts behind LeanUX Continue

Agile Without UX Is Not An Option

Two of the most profound trends over the past 10 years driving software innovation are Agile software development and Human centered design (often known as UX in software circles), yet these trends have often moved independent of one another, or worse, been at odds.  First, let’s do a quick review of what we mean by Continue