Agile Method and Delivery Skills Are Not Enough

Most organizations began their journey to an Agile Enterprise by focusing on the adoption of Lean-Agile practices by technology teams to the exclusion of all else. The stark reality of this approach is that implementation of technology team agility creates challenges across the entire organizational stack that can threaten success and generate conflict.  Most companies Continue

DevOps – Connecting the People

Are you frustrated with how long it takes to get new software delivered? Do you struggle through delayed timelines and unmet expectations, longing for more predictable and dependable delivery schedules? Are you scratching your head as you watch smaller, more nimble companies emerge overnight with compelling new digital solutions that seem to roll out continuously Continue

DevOps Connecting the Toolchain

There is no “one” or “right” way to implement DevOps.  And while most people jump to tooling, the most important elements are culture and people. Without understanding teaming dynamics and how the work actually gets done across teams and departments, there is a huge risk of implementing tools that are the wrong fit and at Continue

DevOps Release Management

The DevOps movement is playing a key role in closing the gap between traditional development and operations teams.  The goal is to bring these two groups together, increasing communication and collaboration, to focus on one common purpose – delivering value to the end customer. As teams come together with the goal of process standardization, the Continue