DevOps Build Management

Without people and process changes in place, an organization will not fully get the benefits of DevOps by implementing tools alone.  Yet tools are important for true continuous delivery. There are so many tooling options.  How do you choose?  How should you go about sifting through all the options?  Well, it is easier then you Continue

Continuous Delivery with DevOps

Efficiency and origination are the keys to happy customers more than ever. Are you frustrated with how long it takes to get new software delivered? Do you struggle through disappointment and unmet expectations while longing for more predictable and dependable delivery schedules? Are you scratching your head as you watch smaller, more nimble companies emerge Continue

Agile in Practice: Engineering practices to drive productivity and quality

I’ve been blogging about the operational capabilities that allow for a successful Agile launch. (Missed those posts? Read part one and part two.) All five must be thoughtfully designed and incorporated into every company’s Agile operating model. Within IT, there are a series of Agile engineering practices that are required to drive productivity and product Continue

Agile in Practice: Must-have capabilities

In my last post, I talked about two of the crucial organizational capabilities for Agile’s success. Once you’ve empowered Agile teams and prioritized based on business value, here are three more capabilities to develop. 1. Establish a collaborative business and IT management framework Agile teams benefit from the pragmatic flexibility engineered into a collaboration model Continue