You’re asking for the wrong thing: you don’t need Agile software teams, you need an Agile Enterprise

Most big companies today are structured and managed like those during the industrial revolution.  They may have started small and nimble, but over time, layer upon layer of bureaucracy was piled on. If something bad happened, a rule was instituted so it never happened again. Then a rule was created to deal with another problem. Continue

The New Role of Leadership: Shaping Employee Networks for Agility and Innovation

Agility and product innovation can be difficult to master. Most companies that invest in Agile product and software development methods (in pursuit of enhanced innovation, quality and speed) fail to overcome the obvious: entrenched norms, beliefs and behaviors. Worse, Agile “improvements” often inject new conflict into the work processes. That’s the bad news. The good Continue

Agile Method and Delivery Skills Are Not Enough

Most organizations began their journey to an Agile Enterprise by focusing on the adoption of Lean-Agile practices by technology teams to the exclusion of all else. The stark reality of this approach is that implementation of technology team agility creates challenges across the entire organizational stack that can threaten success and generate conflict.  Most companies Continue

DevOps – Connecting the People

Are you frustrated with how long it takes to get new software delivered? Do you struggle through delayed timelines and unmet expectations, longing for more predictable and dependable delivery schedules? Are you scratching your head as you watch smaller, more nimble companies emerge overnight with compelling new digital solutions that seem to roll out continuously Continue