When Agile becomes (Fr)Agile, or Why You Need to Think of Agile Like Pants

So, you’re driving down the street. A stoplight comes. Red. You find yourself behind a ’93 Tercel. Well, you think it’s a ’93 Tercel. Truth is, you can’t quite tell because 98% of the back of the car is completely covered with bumper stickers. Now, bumper stickers aren’t bad. In many cases, they’re downright poignant Continue

Stop Trying to Check the ‘Agile’ Box

Yeah, we’ve been doing the Agile thing for awhile. We get it. Nah, we’re not doing planning meetings. We know where we’re at. Retrospectives? They take too much time. We’ve got this. We know Agile. When you start to hear things like this, someone’s checked the Agile box and moved on. If you’re saying things Continue


With innovation speeding up and company life cycles getting shorter, the ability for a company to quickly respond to market conditions has never been more important. Many look to Agile as the solution. But Agile, in its current form, is not the game-changer that most companies and leaders so desperately need. Twelve years after the Continue

Digital Leadership Requires Ecosystems, Not Machines (Part 2)

The “organization as machine” philosophy has become fundamentally flawed in today’s knowledge age, especially in the digital environment. Dismantling the centuries-old “organization as machine” model and replacing it with a new management technology that unleashes the creativity and productivity of humans is the greatest opportunity and challenge now faced by companies seeking the much needed Continue